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Monoclonal Antibody Therapy for COVID-19
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MAC Lung Infection

Have you been recently/newly diagnosed with a MAC lung infection? MAC is the most common form of nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM). NTM are bacteria commonly found in the environment. MAC can get inside your lungs when you breathe them in and can affect certain people more than others. Most people who come in contact with MAC do not develop an infection. However, some individuals are at a greater risk of developing an infection called MAC lung disease. MAC lung disease is a serious condition. If untreated, it can cause damage to the lungs.

A new study is looking for individuals with newly diagnosed MAC lung disease who may be interested in participating in a clinical study that is evaluating a drug for potential treatment of MAC lung infections and for the potential to improve symptoms of MAC lung infection including decreased respiratory discomfort and decreased fatigue.

Your participation in the study could potentially contribute to advancements in MAC lung disease research.

You can visit https://www.patientwing.com/ntmstudy-arise-encore-COPD for more information and to see if you may qualify. If you qualify to enroll, and decide to participate, you will be assigned to one of two studies investigating MAC lung disease. Study open as of June 12, 2022

Study to Assess the Efficacy, Safety, and Tolerability of SAR440340/REGN3500/Itepekimab in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) (AERIFY-2) dated Mar 23, 2022, sponsored by Sanofi Study open as of June 12, 2022

Pivotal Study to Assess the Efficacy, Safety and Tolerability of Dupilumab in Patients With Moderate to Severe COPD With Type 2 Inflammation (NOTUS) dated Feb 10, 2022, sponsored by Sanofi Study open as of June 12, 2022

💠 COmmunity Patients at Risk of Viral Infections Including SARS-CoV-2 (CORVIS)See Article: UK Trial Recruiting Patients to Test At-home Nitric Oxide Nebulizer dated April 26, 2021, sponsored by Thirty Respiratory Limited Study open as of June 12, 2022

🅰 Evaluation of the Safety and Efficacy of TLD in Patients With COPD (AIRFLOW–3) Nuvaira Lung Denervation System (Nuvaira System), Nuvaira’s Targeted Lung Denervation Therapy Shown to Lower Hospitalization Risk and see News “Nuvaira Hopes” dated September 11, 2019, sponsored by Nuvaira, Inc. Study open as of June 12, 2022

RejuvenAir® System Trial for COPD With Chronic Bronchitis (SPRAY–CB) sponsored by CSA Medical, see also RejuvenAir® Study open as of June 12, 2022

LEEP Losartan Effects on Emphysema Progression LEEP is a randomized clinical trial evaluating the effect of Losartan in helping people with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) with emphysema – a disease of the lungs. We are looking for adults 40 years of age or older, current or former smokers, with COPD to join our study. The study is conducted in different states across the country. Study open as of June 12, 2022

🚬 Insight COPD Intervention Study In Overweight Patients with COPD We are trying to find out if a program proven to help people lose a modest amount of weight and increase their physical activity will improve COPD symptoms for those with a high BMI. To be in the study, you will need to have COPD, high BMI, history of smoking, shortness of breath, and be 40 years or older. Study open as of June 12, 2022

🚬 RETHINC REdefining Therapy IN early COPD The purpose of the RETHINC study is to determine whether symptomatic current and former smokers with normal lung function will benefit from the use of bronchodilator therapy currently used to treat patients who have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Study open as of June 12, 2022

🧪 Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Clinical Trials at UCSF 🧪 Trial list upated at least twice a week 🧪 Study open as of June 12, 2022

Emphysema/COPD Research Registry [PA only] Have COPD, 40 and up, 10 year smoking history Study open as of June 12, 2022

Pulmonary Fibrosis Click the link to find many clinical trials avilable offered for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, Cystic Fibrosis, Pulmonary Fibrosis by Clinicaltrials.gov Current as of May 01, 2022

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⭐ COPD Exacerbations: A Patient and Physician’s Perspective John Linnell, John R Hurst November 8, 2019

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Oxygen Manifesto, Oxygen Manifesto, Part 1: Advice from 3 Respiratory Specialists Noah Greenspan, Mark W Mangus Sr, RRT, RPFT, FAARC, & Oxygen Expert Ryan Diesem Published March 27, 2019

Oxygen Manifesto, Oxygen Manifesto, Part 2: the Devices (Advice from 3 Respiratory Specialists) Noah Greenspan, Mark W Mangus Sr, RRT, RPFT, FAARC, & Oxygen Expert Ryan Diesem Published June 19, 2019

Oxygen Manifesto, Oxygen Manifesto, Part 3: Tips and Tricks from 3 Respiratory Specialists) Noah Greenspan, Mark W Mangus Sr, RRT, RPFT, FAARC, & Oxygen Expert Ryan Diesem Published August 5, 2019


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🚭 World No Tobacco Day 🚭

FDA Orders JUUL E-Cigarettes Off the Market Published June 23, 2022

Mortality Rates and Voting; Varenicline and Smoking in African Americans Published June 18, 2022

Meta-Analysis: Smoking Linked to Increased Fracture Risk for Men Published June 16, 2022

Smoking and Perceived Stress Linked to Subjective Symptoms of OSA Published June 13, 2022

Perception of E-Cigarettes as More Harmful Increased 2019 to 2020 Published June 13, 2022

Menthol Increases Smoking Frequency in Youth Published June 13, 2022

Smokers Who Shift to Vaping May Improve Other Health Measures Published May 23, 2022

Key Takeaways From the Launch of the Tobacco Atlas 7th Edition Published May 18, 2022

Cigarette and e-Cigarette Transitions and Respiratory Symptoms Published May 16, 2022

Talking Trash: Behind the Tobacco Industry’s “Green” Public Relations Published May 12, 2022

Smoking-Cessation Program that Targets Cancer Patients Effective Published May 11, 2022

CVD Risk Not Reduced With Dual Use of E-Cigarettes, Smoking Published May 09, 2022

Vaping Doesn’t Cut CV Risk for Those Who Also Smoke Published May 06, 2022

Smoking Habits Unchanged During COVID-19 Pandemic Published May 05, 2022

Philip Morris Recruits FDA Vet as Part of Its Move Away from Cigarettes Published May 05, 2022

Decrease in Youth Smoking Menthol Cigarettes After Cigarette Ban Published May 04, 2022

1.3 Million Smokers May Quit if US Bans Menthol Cigarettes Published May 03, 2022

How Far Should the Menthol Ban Go? Published May 02, 2022

Cigarette Smoking Decreased for Adults With Behavioral Health Conditions Published May 02, 2022

Unsmoke Is a Joke Published from Apr 28, 2022 email

Vape Tricks in Indonesia Published from Apr 28, 2022 email

FDA Proposes Ban on Menthol Cigarettes Published Apr 28, 2022

E-cigarettes May Complicate Teen Attempts to Quit Nicotine Published Apr 26, 2022

Adults With Depression, SUDs Less Likely to Smoke These Days Published Apr 26, 2022

Tobacco Smoking Rates Are Decreasing in People With Major Depression and Substance Use Disorder Published Apr 26, 2022

Many Doctors Unaware of Benefits of E-Cigarettes for Quitting Smoking Published Apr 21, 2022

New Law Allows FDA to Police E-Cigarettes Made With Synthetic Nicotine Published Apr 20, 2022

Passive Smoking Linked to Increased Risk of Rheumatoid Arthritis Published Apr 19, 2022

Inflammatory Effect of Diesel Exhaust Exposure in Ex-Smokers With COPD Published Apr 14, 2022

How a Social and Traditional Media Campaign Catalyzed Government Action on Tobacco Control in Senegal Published Apr 14, 2022

Risk of Cancers Significantly Improved With Smoking Cessation, Reduction Published Apr 13, 2022

Airline Secondhand Tobacco Smoke Exposure and Respiratory Health Published Apr 12, 2022

Benefits of Smoking Cessation Quantified in Patients With ASCVD Published Apr 12, 2022

FDA Authorizes More E-Cigarette Products Published Mar 31, 2022

E-Cig Cessation for Teens; COVID and Neurological Events Published Mar 26, 2022

Patients With Chronic Disease More Likely to Receive Smoking Cessation Advice Published Mar 23, 2022

Characteristics and Symptoms Differentiating Chronic Bronchitis in COPD Published Mar 22, 2022

Statewide Bans on Flavored E-Cigarette Products Associated With Reduced Sales Published Mar 22, 2022

Americans Flocked to Weight-Loss Medications During the Pandemic But Continued to Smoke Published Mar 21, 2022

Prevalence of Smoking 28.1% in Underserved Communities Published Mar 14, 2022

More Research Needed on Use of Premium Cigars, Report Finds Published from Mar 10, 2022

E-Cigarette Use Linked to Increased Odds of Prediabetes Published Mar 09, 2022

Cigarette Smoke Plus Viral Infection Seen to Alter Lung Structure in Mice Published from Mar 07, 2022

E-Cigarette Smoking History Tied to Increased Bladder, Lung Cancer Risk Published Feb 25, 2022

E-Cigarette Use Tied to Respiratory Symptoms, Wheezing Published Feb 25, 2022

Developing a Theoretical Marketing Framework to Analyse JUUL and Compatible E-cigarette Product Promotion on Instagram Published Feb 20, 2022

E-Cigarettes to Quit Smoking May Not Result in Success Published Feb 10, 2022

Understanding the Dynamics of Notification and Implementation of Article 5.3 Across India’s States and Union Territories Published Feb 08, 2022

Study: E-Cigs Are Not Helping People Quit Smoking Published Feb 07, 2022

What Risk Factors Accelerate a COPD Diagnosis in Patients With Asthma? Published Feb 07, 2022

E-cigarette Brands and Social Media Influencers on Instagram: a Social Network Analysis Published Feb 06, 2022

Variations in Risks from Smoking Between High-income, Middle-income, and Low-income Countries: an Analysis of Data from 179,000 Participants from 63 Countries Published Feb 01, 2022

American Lung Association State of Tobacco Control 2022 Published from Jan 27, 2022

How to Avoid Weight Gain After Quitting Smoking Published Jan 26, 2022

E-cigarette Use May Lead Some to Quit Traditional Cigarettes Published Jan 25, 2022

Combinatorial Therapies With Varenicline Most Effective for Smoking Cessation Published from Jan 21, 2022 email

Effect of Cigarette Smoking in Patients With Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis Published Jan 14, 2022

E-Cigarettes Tied to Quitting Among Smokers Not Trying to Quit Published Jan 06, 2022

Smoking, Alcohol Cessation and Ocular Health: How Quitting Can Save Your Patients’ Vision Published Dec 29, 2021

Score One for Vapes in Smoking Cessation Published Dec 28, 2021

Smoking Increases Diabetes Damage to Corneal Endothelial Cell Density Published Dec 27, 2021

Myocarditis After COVID Vax; Cigar Sales in Convenience Stores Published Dec 23, 2021

E-Cigarettes May Increase the Risk for Erectile Dysfunction Published Dec 16, 2021

Prevalence of Fragility Fractures Increase With E–Cigarette Use Published Dec 09, 2021

To Get Pregnant Smokers to Quit, Money Talks Published Dec 02, 2021

Many Stroke Survivors Continue to Smoke Published Nov 19, 2021

Almost Half of Lung Cancer Patients Still Smoked After Surgery Published Nov 08, 2021

Smoking Cessation Rates No Different With Varenicline Combo, Extension Published Oct 21, 2021

E–Cigarette Use Associated With Increased Odds of Asthma and COPD Published Oct 18, 2021

Quitting Smoking Tied to Slower Motor Decline in Multiple Sclerosis Published Oct 17, 2021

FDA Gives First Greenlight to E–Cig Published Oct 12, 2021

Otolaryngology–Related Side Effects Following E–Cigarette Use Identified Published Oct 04, 2021

Sabotage, Deceit and Duplicity British American Tobacco Uncovered Notice from Sept 20, 2021 email

A Global Tax on Tobacco Products Will Have Massive Health Benefits Published Sept 13, 2021

Annual CT Lung Screening Reduces Lung Cancer–Related Mortality in Smokers Published Aug 06, 2021

All Eyes on FDA: The Upcoming Regulation of Juul E–Cigarettes Published Aug 06, 2021

COPD Associated With Concurrent Use of Electronic, Conventional Cigarettes Published Aug 05, 2021

Cigarette Smoking Deteriorates Dry Eye Parameters Published July 29, 2021

E–Cigarette Use During Pregnancy Tied to Adverse Birth Outcomes Published July 27, 2021

Smoking History May Predict Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Outcomes in Metastatic Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer Published July 27, 2021

Does TikTok Push Vaping? Published July 26, 2021

Going Smoke–Free at Lung Cancer Diagnosis May Extend Lives Published July 26, 2021

FDA Must Act Quickly on Menthol Ban to Save Black Live, Advocates Argue Published July 23, 2021

Cytisine Not Noninferior to Varenicline for Smoking Cessation Published July 13, 2021

Cytisine Hits Snag as Smoking Cessation Aid Published July 06, 2021

Text Message Vaping Intervention May Help Young Adults Quit Published June 28, 2021

Respiratory Disease and Smoking May Both Increase Risk of Rheumatoid Arthritis Published June 18, 2021

Respiratory Disease and Risk for Rheumatoid Arthritis — What’s the Link? Published June 18, 2021

More Than 1 in 4 Adults With Cardiovascular Disease Currently Smoke Published June 17, 2021

Heart Patients Outdo Rest of the Country in Tobacco Use Published June 09, 2021

Call for Global Adoption, Enforcement of Evidence–Based Tobacco Control Policies Published June 08, 2021

Number of Smokers Continuing to Rise Worldwide Published June 04, 2021

New Campaigns Mark World No Tobacco Day 2021 Published June 03, 2021

Even Exposure to Passive Smoking Increases Risk of RA Published June 03, 2021

Investigation Pokes Holes in Idea That Smoking Cuts COVID Risks Published June 03, 2021

E–Cigarette Use Linked to Higher Odds of Asthma in Young Adults Published May 25, 2021

Secondhand Smoke Exposure Linked to Odds of ADHD Symptoms Published May 24, 2021

Vaping Alone May Boost Lung Troubles Published May 18, 2021

Cognition and Smoking; Sleep Drugs and Women; Your Brain Under Anesthesia Published May 18, 2021

Weight Gain Does Not Attenuate the Mortality Benefit of Smoking Cessation Published May 07, 2021

Approach Bias Retraining With Virtual Reality Technology Reduces Smoking Published May 06, 2021

FDA Poised to Ban Menthol Cigarettes Published May 06, 2021

Dual Use of ENDS, Smoking Tobacco Increases Risk of Incident Respiratory Symptoms Published May 04, 2021

Op–Ed: Is FDA’s Cigarette Ban Just Smoke and Menthols? Published May 03, 2021

Time to Screen for Older Patients’ Cannabis Use? Published May 02, 2021

Electronic Nicotine Delivery System May Reduce Toxicant Exposure, Cigarette Consumption Published Apr 30, 2021

FDA Takes Key Step Toward Banning Menthol in Cigarettes and Cigars Published Apr 29, 2021

Did Vaping THC ‘Wax’ for 5 Days Cause This Teen Girl’s Seizure? Published Apr 29, 2021

Smoking Cessation: Mortality Benefit Outweighs Metabolic Costs Published Apr 27, 2021

Rates of Interest in Quitting E–Cigarette Among Different Types of Smokers Published Apr 15, 2021

Majority of E–Cigarette Users Want to Quit Published Apr 13, 2021

Many E–Cig Users Want to Quit Published Apr 02, 2021

Current Smoking Linked to Increase in Coronary Heart Disease Risk in Black Americans Published Apr 02, 2021

E–Cigarettes May Help Smokers With Schizophrenia Reduce Tobacco Smoking Published Mar 31, 2021

Increased Lung Injury Seen With Vaping Cannabis Versus Vaping, Smoking Nicotine Published Mar 23, 2021

Efficacy of Indacaterol/Glycopyrronium vs Salmeterol/Fluticasone in Former Smokers With COPD Published Mar 22, 2021

More Than 3#37; of US Workers Are Current E–Cigarette Users Published Mar 19, 2021

New Lung Cancer Screening Guidelines Double the Number of Smokers Eligible for Annual Scans Published Mar 09, 2021

Emphysema Progression on CT Associated With Increased Mortality in Ever–Smokers Published Mar 08, 2021

Current, Former Smokers With COPD and Severe Emphysema May Have Larger Aorta Diameters Published Mar 08, 2021

Studies on Smoking and COVID–19 Published Feb 11, 2021

Intensive Counseling Improves Smoking Cessation Rates in Patients With Cancer Published Feb 08, 2021

E–Cigarettes for Smoking Cessation: The Continued Debate Published Feb 05, 2021

Goblet Cell Hyperplasia Related to Active Smoke Exposure, Not Chronic Bronchitis Published Feb 01, 2021

Vaping in Adolescent Boys Doubles Risk for Subsequent Cigarette Use Published Jan 31, 2021

Causal Link Suggested for Smoking, Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Published Jan 29, 2021

State of Tobacco Control 2021 Posted from Jan 27, 2021 Email

Intensity of Past Smoking Linked to COVID–19 Severity Published Jan 25, 2021

Research Insights Shape a Novel Public Campaign on the E–Cigarette Ban in India Published Jan 25, 2021

E–Cigarette Use May Be Associated With Increased COPD Risk Published Jan 22, 2021

USPSTF Declines to Back E–Cigarettes for Smoking Cessation Published Jan 19, 2021

Vaping in Adolescent Boys Doubles Risk for Subsequent Cigarette Use Published Jan 13, 2021

Inflammatory Biomarker Levels Similar for Dual Use of E–Cigarettes, Cigarettes and Exclusive Cigarette Use Published Jan 12, 2021

Vaping Levels in Teenagers Appear to Have Plateaued Published Jan 11, 2021

E–Cigarettes as Consumer Devices May Not Improve Smoking Cessation Published Jan 07, 2021

Vaping and Smoking as Harmful as Smoking Cigarettes Alone Published Jan 04, 2021

Tobacco Product Use Decreased Among US Middle, High School Students Published Dec 30, 2020

Study Finds Surge of Teen Vaping Levels Off, But Remains High in Early 2020 Published Dec 15, 2020

Smoking Worsens Crohn’s Disease Published Dec 10, 2020

Teenagers Still Able to Access E–Cigarettes During COVID–19 Pandemic Published Dec 08, 2020

Ukraine—Tobacco Control—No Safe Control Published Nov 24, 2020

Sleep Deprivation May Be Linked to E–Cigarette Use in Young Adults Published Nov 20, 2020

Vaping Linked to Higher Respiratory Disease Risk in Large US Study Published Nov 19, 2020

Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes for Smokng Cessation Are Unclear Published Nov 18, 2020

Complaint: Philip Morris Smuggled Smokes, Distorted Data Published Nov 17, 2020

E–Cigarette Use May Increase Risk for Lung Injury Published Nov 16, 2020

Youths Coming Out as Bisexual Have Double the Odds of Cigarette Smoking Initiation Published Nov 10, 2020

Recent Wins in Global Tobacco Control Published Oct 28, 2020

Young People Coming Out as Bisexual Twice as Likely to Start Smoking Published Oct 26, 2020

Pack–Years Smoking History Associated With Lung Transplant Survival Published Oct 20, 2020

‘License’ to Smoke After Negative Lung Screening? Published Oct 19, 2020

Lung Cancer Screening–Focused Tobacco Treatment Program May Not Improve Smoking Cessation Published Oct 19, 2020

Cannabis Dependency May Affect Outcomes in Asthma Exacerbation Hospitalizations Published Oct 19, 2020

E–Cig Potential; Tapping the Brakes on AI; Cancer’s Toll on Working Women Published Oct 15, 2020

Prenatal Smoke Exposure May Increase Baby’s Later COPD Risk, Mouse Study Says Published Oct 15, 2020

E–Cigs Gain Popularity for Smoking Cessation Published Oct 13, 2020

Deep–Learning Model Can Identify Smokers at High Risk for Lung Cancer Published Oct 13, 2020

Many Parents Unaware of Their Children’s E–Cigarette Use Published Oct 09, 2020

Comparing Efficacy of Smartphone Applications for Smoking Cessation Published Oct 05, 2020

Middle, High School Students Mainly Use Flavored E–Cigarettes Published Sept 23, 2020

Lung Disease–Specific Risk Factors for Hip Fracture in Smokers Published Sept 22, 2020

Smokeless Tobacco Poses Global Health Burden Published Sept 21, 2020

E–Cigarette Use Increased Significantly From 2017 to 2018 Published Sept 17, 2020

Lung DNA Methylation in COPD May Differ by Smoking Status, Airflow Limitation Published Sept 15, 2020

Vaping, Marijuana Use in 2019 Rose in College–Age Adults Published Sept 15, 2020

Is the Increase in Teen Vaping Affecting Lung Cancer Rates? Published Sept 14, 2020

Smoking, High Early–Life BMI Projected to Add to MS Burden Published Sept 04, 2020

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Device Cleared for Smoking Cessation Published Aug 28, 2020

COPD and Smoking May Be Associated With More Severe Outcomes in COVID–19 Published Aug 20, 2020

E–Cigarette Use Linked to Increased Odds of COVID–19 Published Aug 14, 2020

Adolescents Who Use E–Cigarettes, Marijuana May Have Higher Odds of Lifetime Asthma Published Aug 07, 2020

Smokers With Sleep Disturbances Are Less Likely to Quit Smoking Published Aug 05, 2020

Varenicline Strongly Recommended for Smoking Cessation Published Aug 03, 2020

Menthol Cigarette Ban May Reduce Smoking Rates Published July 27, 2020

Survivors of Smoking–Related Cancers Likely to Continue Smoking Published July 24, 2020

FDA Issues Warning Letters Regarding Illegal Sales of Vape Products Published July 23, 2020

Unfortunately, Ex–Smokers Still Face Increased Health Risks Published July 22, 2020

Nonsmoking Young Adults Less Vulnerable to Severe COVID–19 Published July 21, 2020

Cartoons Still Common in Online E–Cig Marketing Published July 20, 2020

USPSTF: Extend Eligibility for CT Lung Cancer Screening Published July 7, 2020

Heat–Not–Burn Cigarettes Win Coveted Marketing Claims Published July 7, 2020

Canadian Government Restrictions on E&ndashCigarette Marketing Lower Use Published July 6, 2020

Subclinical Vascular Damage From Vaping May Spell Long–Term Ills Published June 25, 2020

Short–Term Secondhand Smoke Exposure Effects in Asthma vs COPD Published June 24, 2020

Smoking and COVID–19 From Email Received June 16, 2020

NIH Study Links Cigarette Smoking to Higher Stroke Risk in African Americans Published June 10, 2020

Lung Development May Explain Why Some Non–Smokers Get COPD and Some Heavy Smokers Do Not Published June 09, 2020

Maternal Smoking During Pregnancy May Increase Incidence of Adult–Onset Asthma in Offspring Published June 05, 2020

COPD, Smoking Increase Death Risk in COVID–19 Patients, Study Says Published June 02, 2020

Does Patient Interest Show a Need for Cessation Programs in Lung Cancer Multidisciplinary Clinics? Published June 2, 2020

Statement from José Luis Castro, President and CEO of Vital Strategies on World No Tobacco Day, May 31, 2020 Published May 28, 2020

Tobacco Smoke Exposure Limits Benefits of CFTR Modulators in Cystic Fibrosis Published May 20, 2020

Current and Former Smokers With COPD Have Risk for Cognitive Impairment Published May 18, 2020

Differences in Anxiety, Depression According to Current and Former Smoking Status Published May 13, 2020

Gut Microbiome: Link Between Smoking and Cancer? Published May 04, 2020

High E–Cig Use by US Adults Who Just Quit Regular Cigarettes Published April 30, 2020

NIH COVID–19 Guidelines; Vaping–Related Deaths: It’s TTHealthWatch! Published April 25, 2020

Removal of Juul Flavored E–Cigarette Products Likely Ineffective Published April 22, 2020

Regional Differences in Scale of Harm Caused by Secondhand Smoke Published April 20, 2020

Legal Marijuana Tied to Lower Rates of Vaping Illness Published April 06, 2020

NIDA Director Outlines Potential Risks to People Who Smoke and Use Drugs During COVID–19 Pandemic Published April 02, 2020

Nonsmoker Mortality Demonstrates Harm of Secondhand Smoke Published March 24, 2020

US Cigarette Packs Will Have Graphic Health Warnings Starting Next Year Published March 20, 2020

DNA Methylated CpG Sites Associated With Mortality in Current, Former Smokers Published February 21, 2020

Lung Cancer Mortality in Former Smokers Reduced With Low–Dose CT Screening Published February 12, 2020

Smoking Rates at All–Time Low, Surgeon General Reports Published January 23, 2020

Varenicline Initially Improves Continuous Abstention in Smokers With COPD Published January 16, 2020

Dual Use of E–Cigarettes and Combustible Cigarettes Increases Stroke Odds Published January 07, 2020

Congress May Raise Age to Buy Tobacco Products to 21 Published December 23, 2019

Secondhand Smoke May Increase Risk for Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Children Published December 20, 2019

E–Cigs Raise Risk of Chronic Lung Disease, Especially in Those Who Also Smoke, Study Finds Published December 20, 2019

E–Cigarette Use Is Independent Risk Factor for Chronic Lung Disease Published December 19, 2019

Evidence Supports Perioperative Nicotine Replacement Therapy Published December 19, 2019

FDA Approves Sale of Reduced–Nicotine Cigarettes Published December 17, 2019

History of Smoking Linked to Accelerated Decline in Lung Function Published December 3, 2019

CDC Updates Interim Guidance on Vaping–Related Lung Illness Published November 25, 2019

CDC: 20% of US Adults Currently Use Tobacco Products Published November 21, 2019

Ferret Model Demonstrates Role of Cigarette Smoke in Airway Clearance Published November 20, 2019

Vaping Injuries Raise New Concerns About Medical Marijuana Published November 19, 2019

Regardless of Cigarette Type, Smoking Associated With Increased Lung Cancer Risk, Mortality Published November 14, 2019

Double Lung Transplant Performed for Vaping–Related Illness Published November 14, 2019

Does Cardiorespiratory Fitness Affect Lung Cancer Risk Among Male Smokers? Published October 25, 2019

Accelerated Lung Function Decline Even in Low–Intensity Smokers Published October 23, 2019

Pulmonary Embolism With Tobacco Dependence Linked to 30–Day Readmission Published October 22, 2019

CDC Releases Clinical Guidance on E–Cigarette Lung Injury Published October 18, 2019

Any Level of Smoking Can Lead to Long–Term Lung Damage, Study Says Published October 18, 2019

Interim Guidance for Health Care Providers Evaluating and Caring for Patients with Suspected E–cigarette, or Vaping, Product Use Associated Lung Injury CDC Update Published October 11, 2019

FDA: Stop Using Vaping Products Containing THC Published October 9, 2019

Smoking Cessation Program in Cancer Setting Associated With High Abstinence Rates Published October 9, 2019

Survey: More Than 1 in 5 Millennials Use E–Cigarettes Published October 4, 2019

FDA Panel Votes on OTC Nicotine Mouth Spray for Smoking Cessation Published September 26,2019

Vaping: The Threat to Public Health and the ATS Response Reviewed September 2019

Vaping Triggers Cellular Responses Similar to Cigarette Smoking, Potentially Increasing Risk of Emphysema Published September 24, 2019

Genetics Plus CT Highly Prognostic for Smokers’ Lung Cancer Risk Published September 13, 2019

Lung Cancer CT Scan Can Identify Smoking–Related Diseases Published August 30,2019

Advisory from CDC re: Severe Pulmonary Disease Associated with Using E–Cigarette Products Published August 30, 2019

Glycopyrrolate Improves Lung Function in COPD, Regardless of Smoking Status Published July 19, 2019

Increasing USPSTF Lung Cancer Screening Eligibility in African American Smokers Published July 15,2019

Can Vaping Cause Lung Problems? Published May 29, 2019

E-–Cigarette Use, Flavorings May Increase Heart Disease Risk, Study Finds Published May 27, 2019

COPD Exacerbation from Biomass Smoke Likened to Risk Posed By Tobacco Smoke, Study Cautions Published April 26, 2019

Smoking Cessation Key Component of Cancer Moonshot Program Published January 2, 2019