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EFFORTS 2010 Photo Contest - Prizes


The prizes shown below positively will be awarded -- and you don't have to tour a timeshare or sign up for 10 years of magazine subscriptions! Just be one of the winners of our EFFORTS 2010 Photo Contest. Depending on the number of entries, we may add additional prizes.

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Mini Foldable 5 x 7 album 10 Photo Mats
6 Journal Tags 2 EFFORTS Bookmarks
Ms Pris Bunny in EFFORTS Visor   
Your choice of ONE of these darling
stuffed animals wearing the EFFORTS
Butterfly Jungle Pieced by
Laura Johnson approx 14" x 53"
with 4 Placemats
Kayla Tweed Stretch Shoes
Size 7W Dark Brown
Dr Tom's Adventures of an OxiPhile
Dr Tom's Adventures of an OxiPhile2
Donated by EFFORTS President Linda Watson
with Kat Williams, instructor
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