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Using the EFFORTS Mail List Archives


To get a password:

We maintain searchable archives of previous EFFORTS list messages at http://effortslist.org/scripts/wa.exe?GETPW1 . To use them, you must be a member of EFFORTS and you must have an EFFORTS password it's free). Here's how to get one...

  1. Fill out the form at http://effortslist.org/scripts/wa.exe?GETPW1
  2. Listserv will send you an email requesting confirmation. Reply to it by hitting your "Reply" key, typing OK, and sending your reply. (Do NOT include the original message).
  3. LISTSERV will send you an email saying, "Your new password was registered successfully."

To search the archives:

By filling in the appropriate boxes on this form, you can search for:

  • a word, part of a word, or a phrase,
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  • by a particular sender (or by all senders if you leave this one blank)
  • between any two dates (written European style, year first: yy/mm/dd)
  • any combinations of the above

Playing with this form a bit will quickly familiarize you with how this very flexible search program works. And, if you want more details about how to use a particular box on the search form just click on the circled question mark in front of that box...

Happy searching!