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COPD Resources and News for Living and Advocacy

Emphysema Foundation For Our Right To Survive has collected COPD news and resources including videos, books, advocacy tips, trials, and studies. Living with COPD, while a change in lifestyle, is not a death sentence.

Everyday Support & Explanations Advocacy

COPD Pocket Consultant Guide App for Ios and Andriod

Educational Videos and Podcasts Learn about COPD and healthier living

Causes, Symptoms, & Overviews
- Breathing Techniques
- Coping with Everyday Tasks
- Diagnosis & Testing
- Doctor Visits
- Exacerbations & Panic Attacks
- Exercise, Rehabilitation
- Medicines & Devices
- Nutrition
- Oxygen, Oxygen Equipment & Oximeters
- Sleep Disorders, Apnea
- Stem Cell Article from Jim Nelson
- Surgery (Transplant, LVRS, BVR, Stents)
- Travel (including O2 on airlines)

Suggested Inhaler Sequence — Previous
Suggested Inhaler Sequence — Current

Oxygen Manifesto, Part 1: Advice from 3 Respiratory Specialists Noah Greenspan, Mark W Mangus Sr, RRT, RPFT, FAARC, & Oxygen Expert Ryan Diesem

American Association of Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Rehabilitation — AACVPR Resources
10 Exercise Myths and Truths: Advice from a Respiratory Specialist Noah Greenspan
Pulmonary Rehab Alternatives

Depression and COPD Q & A

Find a Local Support Group
Find a Physician — AMA

Hospitals Offering Zephyr Valve Treatment
Members Stories on Valve Trials & Treatments

COPD Medicare Home Oxygen Reimbursement

Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security
Medicare.gov: Find and Compare Information about Hospitals

Assistance: Gov, Social and Misc

Glossary of COPD Words and Terms

Must Read Publications

- COPD Foundation’s Slim Skinny Reference Guide®
- Adventures of an Oxyphile 2 Free download of the second edition
- Adventures of an Oxyphile 2 Free Audiobook download of the second edition
- PulmCC Free weekly email with latest in pulmonary and critical care
- The Pulmonary Paper This is a paid subscription

         Click here for more books

Special Interest Patient Surveys

- Join the COPD Patient–Powered Research Network
- Members Personal Pages and Profiles
- Stigma and Stereotypes
- Trans Tracheal Survey

Questions and Answers by Professionals

- Q & A Oxygen Equipment: (Pete’s Posts)
- Q & A Medical: Drs Karpick, Yeager and Petty
- Q & A Respiratory Therapy/Specialists
- Q & A Transtracheal Oxygen (TTO)

New Meds, Trials and Studies

- UK 2019 Trial Now Enrolling to Assess Beta–Blocker’s Ability to Lessen Flares in COPD Patients
- 2019 Portable Oxygen Concentrator Improvements to Physical Activity, etc
- 2019 Recruiting for COPD & Sleep Apnea Study

- Clinical Trials–Center Watch List
- ClinicalConnection (US and International Trials)
- Clinical Trials GPS
- Clinical Trials — Government List

- RENEW Clinical Study evaluating the RePneu® system
- Current/former smokers (Boston)
- COPD Clinical Research Network:

- Talking Points for Presentations
- COPD Foundation — The COPD Action Center

- Managed Health Care Associates Works to Add Patient Voices to Advocacy
- 2019 March – Protect Limits on Mercury and Air Toxics

- 2014–2015 National & State Estimates of COPD Morbidity & Mortality
- 2011 COPD Statistics — CDC By State
- 2002 Statistics — National Lung, Heart, and Blood Institute

COPD Awareness Month

- NIH statement on World COPD Day 2018
- State COPD Legislation Passed in 2012
- 2012 COPD Proclamations Page
- 2011 COPD Proclamations Page
- Letters to Editor

COPD in the News & Current Projects

- 2019 COPD Foundation News and Events

- COPD Patient Quality of Life Improved by Integrated Disease Management
- FDA Gives Marketing Clearance to Loop Wearable Wristband that Remotely Monitors COPD Patients
- Overnight In–House Intensivists Don’t Clearly Improve Care: Review
- Titrating PEEP Using Esophageal Pressures Did Not Improve ARDS Outcomes (EPVent–2)
- CSA Medical’s RejuvenAir System Gets FDA Breakthrough Device Designation But What Does It Do?
- Circassia Adding Cardiovascular Safety Data on Tudorza Label for COPD Patients
- FDA Clears Spry Health’s Remote Monitoring Wearable for COPD Patients
- FDA OKs Duaklir Fixed–Dose Combination Inhaler for COPD
- Temple Hospital First in Nation to Implant New Valve into Lungs of Emphysema Patient:
- New Tool Identifies Support Needs of COPD Patients, Helping to Make Care More Personal and Holistic
- How the Keto Diet can Help People Breathe Easier
- Incorporating Healthy Habits to Help Manage COPD: A Specialist’s View
- American Lung Association® Nutrition and COPD
- Non–Invasive Imaging Technique Valid for Identifying Small Airway Disease in Lung
- Patients and Caregivers New Access to FDA “Request to Connect”
- El Camino Hospital First in California to Offer New Treatment for Severe COPD/Emphysema
- Daily Aspirin Might Ease COPD Flare–Ups
- US Senators Relay Personal Experiences as They Chastise Pharma Execs for High Drug Prices
- 2019 Important Alert for Medicare Patients Who Use Supplemental Oxygen–especially Liquid O2
- Patient–Reported Consequences of Community–Acquired Pneumonia in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
- The Lung is Not the Only Organ Affected by Air Pollution
- Development for Asthma, Allergies and Other Respiratory Diseases
- Natural Ways to Cleanse Your Lungs
- Atrial Fibrillation Prevalence Increasing in End–Stage COPD
- Statins Linked to Better Outcomes and Improved Lung Function
- When Mucus Can be Key to Treating Colon and Airway Diseases
- Researchers Breathe New Life into COPD Research Using Mouse Models
- FDA Approves 1st of Wixela, Generic of ADVAIR DISKUS®
- Long–Term Use of Statins Reduces Mortality, Inflammation in COPD
- ß–Blocker Therapy and Risk of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
- LUNG REGENERATION Mayo Clinic center For Regenerative Medicine
- Flu Shot Crucial for Anyone With COPD
- Smoking Cessation Key Component of Cancer Moonshot Program
- What Exercises Can Help Increase Lung Capacity?
- Optimizing US Home Oxygen Therapy – Addressing Patient and Clinician Reports of Problems with Home Oxygen Accessibility
- COPD and Anxiety: Researchers Test Promising Approach
- Which Patients With COPD Are Affected the Most by Extreme Weather?
- New Mucus Study Could Hold the Key to Clearing Your Phlegm
- Humidity Levels and COPD
- To Better Treat COPD, Scientists Look to Tailored Approaches for Deadly Lung Disease
- What to Know about Steroids for COPD
- Mucus, Cough and Chronic Lung Disease: New Discoveries
- Myths about COPD
- Does COPD Show Up on an X-ray?
- Does High Altitude Affect COPD?

Smoking and Tobacco

- Still Smoking with Emphysema?
- Cigarette Anyone?
- Patient Stories
- Quitsters–Stop Smoking Group


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