Congressional COPD Caucus Campaign

The Congressional COPD Caucus is a bipartisan group of lawmakers working together to actively push for COPD awareness and promote government policies to improve the lives of COPD patients. The greater its membership, the greater its influence in Congress. As of 6/01/07, at least the following 12 Senators and 38 Representatives have joined it. 

AR Rep. John Boozman  HI      Rep. Neil Abercrombie  ME Sen. Susan Collins  OH Rep. Paul Gillmor 
AR Rep. Mike Ross  IA Rep. Leonard Boswell,  MI Rep. Mike Rogers  OR Rep. Peter DeFazio 
AR Rep. Vic Snyder  IA Rep. Tom Latham  MI Rep. Thaddeus McCotter  PA Rep. Jim Gerlach 
AR Sen. Blanche Lincoln  ID Sen. Mike Crapo  MI Sen. Debbie Stabenow  PA Rep. Joe Pitts 
AZ Rep. Raul Grijalva  IL Rep. Ray LaHood  MS Sen. Thad Cochran  PA Rep. Todd Platts 
CA Rep. Bob Filner  IL Sen. Richard Durbin  NC Rep. David Price  RI Rep. James Langevin 
CA Rep. George Radanovich  IN Rep. Mike Pence  ND Sen. Byron Dorgan  RI Rep. Patrick Kennedy 
CA Rep. Susan Davis  IN Sen. Evan Bayh  NJ Rep. Chris Smith  SD Sen. Tim Johnson 
CA Rep. Zoe Lofgren  IN Sen. Richard Lugar  NJ Rep. Robert Andrews  TX Rep. Gene Green 
CA Sen. Diane Feinstein  MA Rep. Jim McGovern  NY Rep. Edolphus Towns  WA Rep. Jim McDermott 
FL Rep. Cliff Stearns  MA Rep. Martin Meehan  NY Rep. Joseph Crowley  WI Rep. Ron Kind 
GA Rep. John Lewis  MA Rep. Stephen Lynch  OH Rep. Dennis Kucinich  WI Rep. Tammy Baldwin 
    MD Rep. Chris Van Hollen  OH Rep. Marcy Kaptur     

If any of your lawmakers have already joined the Caucus, a brief thank you note might be in order. If they haven't, please write them and urge them to join it now. Here's how:

Go to
2. Enter your Zip Code and click on "GO".
3. Click on "Federal" in the top box.
4. Click once on the checkmark in front of "George W. Bush, President" (so as not to send the letter to him).
5. As your subject, type or paste in:  Please join the Congressional COPD Caucus
6.  As your Issue area, select "Health" in the dropdown menu

7. Compose your own message, or paste in the following:

I am a constituent, a patient with COPD/Emphysema, and a member of EFFORTS, an online support group for COPD/ Emphysema patients ( ). We are working to improve our lot and that of millions of other Americans with this disease.  As individuals, COPD affects every part of our lives, limiting our ability to work, to sleep, to participate in social and physical activities, to remain independently productive. For our society, it involves huge medical and economic costs, and is now the fourth leading cause of death in the United States.


In 2004, Senators Crapo and Lincoln and Representatives Lewis and Stearns organized the Congressional Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Caucus. It is dedicated to furthering awareness of COPD and promoting policies that will improve the lives of COPD patients, reduce its enormous costs to society, and stem its increasing occurrence in the country. The members of the Congressional COPD Caucus have been and currently are working on things like:


1. Medicare: uniform coverage of full pulmonary rehabilitation throughout the US.

2. FAA: approve use of personal oxygen machines on board commercial aircraft.

3. CDC: expand COPD incidence data and spirometry monitoring data.


 If you are already a member of this caucus, I thank you. If you aren't, please contact Senator Crapo’s office (4-6142) for more information and then consider joining it.

8. Fill in the blanks with the information about yourself.
9. Click on the "Send Message" button.
That's it! You have just written to both your Senators and to your Representative. And now, please drop a note to  so we can add your letters to our count. Thank you. 

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