Sample questions and suggestions to ask your doctor after being diagnosed with COPD.



c 1. Ask the doctor to discuss in detail the diagnosis, and the meaning and significance of the values in the Spirometry and PFT (Pulmonary Functions Test) tests.

c 2. What would happen if I quit smoking today? What would happen if I don't quit smoking? What kind of damage does smoke do to my lungs, including 2nd-hand smoke?

c 3. Ask for a spirometry if they do not give you one.  Get a copy of the results.

c 4.  Briefly explain PLB, does not have to be as in depth as the RT's would teach in rehab, but enough to get folks started and thinking about breathing. and what I can do to make my life better with this disease.

c 5. Do explain prescribed meds and why, also that they may or may not help, that there are other meds that can also be tried, and the patient needs to let the doctor. know if the meds are helping and of any ill effects. The doctor. should tell patient that some of these meds may cause the shakes, pulse variations. (I think a patient can handle these better if they know to possibly expect them.)

c 6. What to do/not do when you are ill.

c 7. When is it time to get yourself to the doctor (DON'T WAIT!).

c 8. Suggest rehab and the benefits of rehab, if rehab isn't possible strongly suggest a reasonable exercise program for the patient and if the doctor. doesn't want the patient to have an Oximeter at least be prepared to suggest limiting parameters for that patient to exercise.

c 9. Explain how the pulse oximeter works, and the differences in the results from the arterial blood gas test.

c 10. How much is too much of your "rescue" inhaler.


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