Originally, FUNDAY was set up as a way to relax and get to know each other on Sundays as we worked hard all week with many projects and needed the time off.  Accordingly we opened another list and named it EFFORTS_FUNDAY. It gave us the chance to get to know each other and relax and exchange jokes and stories. Kind of like a family reunion or outdoor barbeque where we all sit around and just talk and have fun.  Some of us used to sit on the front or back porch and exchange tall stories.  In other words just like a family reunion.  This kept the "play" type messages from "clogging" the regular EFFORTS list.

Through the week though, we continued our business with projects, etc., as are our goals. We continued to have light humor and stuff through the week as we do now, BUT saved the playing for FUNDAY .  Everyone looked forward to it,  just to unwind from the weeks work.

At that time, we only had about 250 members and we were all pretty much in agreement as to our directions and what we needed to do.  Now that we have grown to nearly 1500 folks, it is even more important that we have that relaxation AND the related work to keep our list to what it was intended to do.

Very recently we opened up FUNDAY to be a daily Chat/Joke list for the members that enjoy sharing good clean humor.  Please remember that FUNDAY is provided to you to as a part of EFFORTS and your continued participation in our regular list is extremely important to us.  Please remember that our general rules of netiquette apply also to this list and you must carefully consider any messages that might violate our general guidelines before posting them.

FUNDAY is for our Members only and you must be a member of the regular EFFORTS list for at least 30 days.


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