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COPD is the Health Initiative of NASCAR and the NASCAR Nationwide Series first race is now named the DRIVE4COPD 300 Race, taking place the day before the Daytona 500 at the Daytona Speedway in Florida. Danica Patrick, one of the DRIVE4COPD celebrity ambassadors, won the pole position for the start of the race!! But, unfortunately, she was involved in a wreck and didn't win. Officials from the COPD Foundation, the Alpha-1 Association, NASCAR, DRIVE4COPD, Boehringer-Ingelheim, and the Lt. Governor of Florida were all part of the opening and closing ceremonies, and COPD was mentioned many, many times during the day. Lots of awareness!!

DRIVE4COPD Photos (Note: Click on picture to see full size.)
DRIVE4COPD Billboards at Victory Lane Drive4COPD 2012
Daytona Speedway Logo Drive4COPD 2012
Jamie Lamson Sullivan, COPD Foundation Drive4COPD 2012
Karen Deitemeyer wearing a DRIVE4COPD shirt Drive4COPD 2012
Karen again, minus the usher looking in the suite door Drive4COPD 2012
Danica Patrick's green & orange GoDaddy car at the pole position Drive4COPD 2012
View of cars lined up behind pace cars Drive4COPD 2012
Opening Ceremony Stage. 3rd from left, Dave Barringer, Executive Director of the COPD Foundation; 4th from left, John Walsh, COPDF Founder; 5th from left, Jennifer Carroll, State of Florida Lt. Governor Drive4COPD 2012
Danica's Car (green & orange) Drive4COPD 2012
Victory Lane Drive4COPD 2012
James Buescher, winner, in yellow & black, climbing out of his car Drive4COPD 2012
Crowd of people, including John Walsh & Dr. Byron Thomashow who waved the green flag to start the race Drive4COPD 2012
Another scene of the crowd waiting to congratulate the winner Drive4COPD 2012
The winner, James Buescher, putting on a DRIVE4COPD hat Drive4COPD 2012
James Buescher and John Walsh Drive4COPD 2012
James holding up the DRIVE4COPD trophy Drive4COPD 2012
Jennifer Carroll, Florida's Lt. Governor, standing beside the winner Drive4COPD 2012