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EFFORTS — PO Box 20241
Kansas City, MO 64195–0241
Ph: 1–866–END–COPD
The information on (or referenced by) the EFFORTS’ website and discussion lists is not intended or implied to be a substitute for the professional medical advice of your own healthcare providers.

As a patient advocacy group, we rely on your contributions/donations to maintain the mail list group, this website, and help board members attend conferences and to increase our participation in research.

EFFORTS Sponsored Special Interests Lists

Except for Quitsters, you must have been an EFFORTS member for at least 14 days.  You can belong to two sidelists (max.) at any one time. 

Conduct Guidelines are applicable to all lists.

TALK ONLY: An open topic talk list, text only. No email greeting cards or other graphics. (Those are OK on FUNDAY). As of Mar 2013, list has 93 members.

FUNDAY: A list for for every day chat, games, jokes and other tension relievers. See also our funday page. As of March 2013, this list has 107 members.

QUITSTERS: A list for those trying to quit smoking and wanting or needing to share experiences. The list includes former "hardcore" smokers who successfully quit and are willing to help.  No cheerleading, but just there if you need some help.  See also our EFFORTS Quitsters Page. As of March 2013, this list has 46 members.

WALKERS: A list dedicated to discussions about daily exercise and Pulmonary Rehab information.  This helps keep folks focused on daily goals in keeping "in shape". As of March 2013, this list has 113 members.

HOPE: A Prayer and fellowship group whose goal is to encourage members daily through prayer and sharing with each other our fears and concerns having to deal with issues related to living with COPD.

Except for Quitsters, to belong to these lists (no more than two at any time) , you must have been an EFFORTS member for at least 14 days.
Please check the appropriate box(es).

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