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EFFORTS - Spotlight On Our Members

COPD presents many challenges to those who have the disease but time and again it has been shown that the most effective treatment for COPD is to live our lives fully and actively. We may be dependent on our daily meds and--in a crisis--our emergency puffers, but we also know that we live longer and better lives through an active life style.
These pages are devoted to our EFFORTS members overcoming obstacles, winning personal battles and participating in events that benefit all of us. As a family, we in EFFORTS celebrate the lives of all our members from around the world.

Want to Participate?

If you would like to share goings-on with your fellow EFFORTS members, send your photos and comments to mike@mmacdonald.com. Please make sure that the photos and the story are COPD related. To help, PLEASE:
  1. Please describe the event or whatever it is that is being shown in the pictures.
  2. PLEASE, if you are able, send a thumbnail of each picture along with its full-size. The thumbnail should be a height of 150 px. Nearly all art/photo programs have a resize option. Simply put in a height of 150 and choose "Maintain Aspect Ratio". If you're photo had been named "Joe at the finish line.jpg", then the second (resized) photo should be named "Joe at the finish line-thumb.jpg."
  3. It may take me up to a week to get your stuff uploaded. If you don't hear from me, then please send me a reminder email.

(Note: Click on the preview picture to see full size.)
Dick Harris (posted Mar 14, 2012) - Dick in workshop with early model ship. More to come as the work progresses. Dick writes, "Have had my transtracheal catheter for almost two years and wouldn't go back to "nose hose" for anything." Rusty Sherill    
Rusty Sherill (Posted March 5, 2012) The first picture shows Rusty in October of 2010 about 3 weeks before his lung transplant surgery. The second photo shows Rusty in February of 2012, about 15 months after the surgery. Rusty Sherill Rusty Sherill