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The information on (or referenced by) the EFFORTS’ website and discussion lists is not intended or implied to be a substitute for the professional medical advice of your own healthcare providers.

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EFFORTS Organization Structure

In order for our organization to effectively work toward the pursuit of our stated goals, it is necessary to have some organizational policies in place. These policies will help assure the success of the organization.


The organization’s structure is composed of a President, a Vice President, an Executive Board, and List Managers, and as appropriate, assigned Team Leaders for specific projects.

  1. The Executive Board will have the responsibility to set and approve all organizational policies. Input from the general membership will be considered, but the board has the final responsibility for all organizational decisions. The board will consist of the President, Vice President and at least 7 members. A majority vote policy within the Executive Board will be used for the decision process with the President as the deciding voice.

  2. Team Leaders will have the responsibility of coordinating the actions and report progress of the team he/she oversees. The Team Leader will contact the Executive Board members for decisions and directions on matters not covered by existing organizational policy.

  3. Team members will have the responsibility of carrying out the work of the team, as assigned by the Team Leader.

  4. Ambassadors. Ambassadors are selected from their desire and ability to help keep the list involved in the appropriate manner by assisting in supplying pertinent educational information and ensuring that all member questions are answered.

  5. The General Membership of the organization will be welcome to support the organization, in the degree that they are able to. If members are able to volunteer to help on teams, they will be welcome.


EFFORTS is a group dedicated to activism and support for Emphysema and related lung disease. Any information which is released from the organization must not deviate from our official positions. In order to assure this, any release of information coming officially from EFFORTS will be approved through the appropriate channels. This means that:

  1. All communications must be pre–approved by the Executive Board. Unless via a pre–approved form letter and then a copy must be given to the proper Team Leader.

Membership Input

  1. Ideas and suggestions from members are welcome and invited. Good ideas take an organization far. Any suggestions for improvement will always be heard. This may be done with Team Leaders or Executive Board Members through private mail to efforts.managers@gaggle.email. All suggestions will be responded to within the guidelines of our structure and goals.

  2. Because of complexities in allowing open suggestions in such large email groups, it cannot be assumed that those speaking up will represent the feelings of the majority, nor that group opinion will be based on the majority of statements received. Accordingly, final decision in such instances will still remain with the Executive Board.

Conduct Guidelines

  1. Extend politeness to other members and to any contacts.

  2. Exhibit tolerance for opinions and feelings different from yours. If offended by innocent remarks, please direct it to the individual, not to the list.

  3. Refuse to get into aggressive arguments or verbal conflicts with other members or contacts.

  4. Language which is foul or obscene, abusive, or otherwise offensive to the group, will not be tolerated.

  5. No advertisements for personal or monetary gain is permissible.

  6. Also, please do not post or respond to messages regarding religious, race, political, or any strong controversial views that might provoke inappropriate action or stress to other members. This means simply that if someone chooses to post a message with any of these themes, OR if you respond to it TO the list, you EACH become equally guilty of violating our guidelines. When such situations occur, Management has no option but to take the necessary steps to maintain control and dignity of the list.

By Laws

Click here to view our bylaws.