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Dear Sir or Madam:

I am writing to request a portable oximeter unit for ____________ home use under my supervision ____________ is currently under my care for emphysema and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. He/She does have progressive lung deterioration due to this emphysema requiring close follow up. He/She has frequent exacerbations of his/her asthma and I have recommended monitoring of his oxygen saturation to measure for any acute desaturations.

I feel that _____________ requires close monitoring that could be available if he/she had a pulse oximeter unit. By using a pulse oximeter unit at home we can monitor his/her respiratory status more closely, hopefully, thereby preventing hospitalization and trips to the emergency room. He/She does live in a rural area. Any sudden and acute exacerbations may lead to a sudden marked deterioration in his/her respiratory status for he/she has minimal pulmonary reserve due to his/her obstructive disease. If we can monitor his/her oxygen saturation on an outpatient basis whenever he/she begins to have acute difficulty then perhaps we could avoid trips to the emergency room and possible hospitalizations.

I have recommended exercise to improve his/her physical state Of course, exercise can result in increasing shortness of breath. There is not a monitored exercise environment nearby. It would be prudent to be able to monitor his/her oxygen saturation while exercising so he/she can adjust his pace as his oxygen saturation decreases.

Please contact my office if you have any questions.