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Sources for Oximeters

We have found it almost impossible to obtain a discount for this product that can be advertised. Accordingly, within the group we will advise where one might obtain an Oximeter for the most suitable price we can find at the time. The following are sources located by "surfing" the internet or by request of the company. Please be advised that there are certain regulations within the FDA that require this device to be advertised as FDA approved, and require prescriptions although there may be uses, such as aviation and high altitude climbing, for which prescriptions are not required. We have found, in several cases, the oximeter may be purchased directly from the source and a prescription written by the seller on your behalf. Even so, if your insurer reimburses for oximeters for private use (most do not), you will also need a prescription from your own doctor.

Following is a partial list of sources for oximeters. It is provided as a service to our members and is intended ONLY for that use. It does not infer that we specifically endorse any of the suppliers listed or equipment offered.



Devon Superstore

Life-Assist, Inc

Medical Resources

Medisave (UK)

MedShop Australia Medical Supplies (AU)

Nagel Network, Inc

Redding Medical

Turner Medical

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