EFFORTS Speaker's Bureau

The following EFFORTS members have volunteered to tell their stories regarding Living with COPD to those audiences wishing to learn what it is like to have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.  Their stories will tell how to make adjustments to living with COPD, how to learn to communicate with our doctors and families, and in general offer suggestions to those newly diagnosed, in learning that proper nutrition and exercise can help them to live as full and productive life as possible.

We also provide information to our constituents as to ensuring that proper and necessary equipment is provided to them.  Join EFFORTS at www.emphysema.net

EFFORTS is a membership made up completely of COPD patients numbering over 1000 patients.

Be an informed patient.  Learn that living with COPD, while a change in lifestyle, is not a death sentence.

Please contact Speakers@emphysema.net for further information.

Please note that those having surgeries, were EFFORTS members prior to those surgeries and have stayed with us to help other COPD patients. 

While the list indicates where they reside, they will also travel upon request.

Pam DeNardo, IL  EFFORTS Exec. Board
Early Diagnosed, Owns own business
Bobby Hughes, TN
Double Lung Transplant  8/14/2000
Suzanne Bennett, MA
COPD Patient, Ph, D.
Sam Jones, OH
Double Lung Transplant 12/10/1999
Paul Brooks, FL
Single Lung Transplant, January, 1997
Lois Dickson, NY Retired RRT
Diagnosed with COPD
Jan Costilow, KY
Single Lung Transplant,
Kathy Zimoski, VA
Single Lung Transplant, 1/24/2001
Ron Cook, GA
Early Stage COPD
Sandra Lister, Sussex, England
Double Lung Transplant 11/5/2000
Pam Harford, CA
Single Lung Transplant, 1/20/2002

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