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Committee Structure

(The following describes the purpose and goal of each committee.)
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Executive Board
The Executive Board consists of the President and Vice President and the Board of Directors.  They shall make all final decisions regarding the direction, and day to day operation of EFFORTS, including approval of all functions and projects as developed by appointed Teams and Project Directors.

Advisory Board:
The Advisory Board will be responsible for helping to develop current, and institute new projects designed to help meet the goals of EFFORTS.  They will work in concert with the Executive Board, in helping to create and maintain our goals and objectives. This group is selected by the Executive Board for the purpose of maintaining a strong management base, in keeping with the principles of EFFORTS.

Medical Board of Directors:
This team will answer private and public questions within their experience and training regarding our health and information regarding our disease and treatment.

Support Group Team:
This team will work to contact as many Registered Respiratory Technicians and Hospitals that have active Pulmonary Rehab Centers in order for us to compile a comprehensive list for our members and those interested in finding Rehab Centers in their own cities.

Social Services Referral Team:
This team will research the Social Security systems, Medicare, etc for information valuable to our members that are unable to afford services otherwise, to help treat their disease or needs.

Special Projects:
These folks are in a league of their own.  They have set up and maintain all of the special websites and pages you see under their signature.

State/Country Chapter Directors:
These folks represent their own State or Country, and will work with members in their respective locations, to help them write letters, keep them abreast of legislation, locate support groups, and in general, do what they can on their own local level to represent EFFORTS and our needs to their constituents.

Media Relations Team:
This team is responsible for contacting our various newspapers and television stations regarding upcoming events within EFFORTS and to ensure that all our activities are as well known as possible.  This team is always looking for additional help in getting our word out to our fellow patients.

Offline Team:
This team is responsible for helping to facilitate groups that DO NOT have computers.  These groups have been formed through various contacts and found to have a need for additional information to help round  Groups listed on our appropriate pages are those that are receiving our information through various relays of our members that do have computers.  In essence, our information is supplied through our own OUTREACH programs.

Outreach Team:
This team is designed to help others have "Gatherings" in their own home towns and to have as much media coverage as possible to help recruit more members that will help have an impact on teaching others to deal with our disease and the changes it brings upon us.  To help others realize that there is indeed still ways we can enjoy our lives to the fullest.


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